Model Railways

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the history of Swiss and international railways.

Admire model trains and toys from earlier times.

Discover rare pieces not available anywhere else.

Appreciate manual work of high precision and faithful in every aspect to the original.

Let oneself go and dream with eyes wide open.

All this and more to be seen at the Baumgartner Gallery.


Kids Zone

A wonderland for children. Here one can play with battery operated trains.

A Napoleonic train

The Emperor Napoleon III may not be found in person in the Baumgartner Gallery but his train certainly can. This was constructed in 1856 by the engineer Polonceau for the society of the Paris-Orleans railway in collaboration with the interior design architect Viollet le Duc

Tanks and harmless weapons

Engineer Virgilio Curino, one of many private donors, who bequeathed their collections to the Baumgartner Gallery, created beautiful and delicate models of weapons and tanks which were used by the German army during their military campaigns. A real delight for visitors.

The Baumgartner Gallery: a success story

Originally the building was a pasta making factory called “La Spiga”. Then Bruno Baumgartner (1930-2015) took over bringing with him his collector’s passion, his desire to share this passion with others, coupled with his entrepreneurial skills.

The exhibition covers an area of 2,320 square meters and comprises three floors with 2,540 meters of tracks and space for 3,000 objects from the Baumgartner collection and numerous other private collections. There is something here for all tastes.

Here we are, therefore, with the abbreviation GB with it’s brand name registered in honour of the magnificent Gotthard Railway (GotthardBahn). Since 2000 the GB-Baumgartner Gallery is a well established and appreciated meeting place for passionate collectors and builders of model trains. On various floors of the building one can find well known and prestigious brands such as Märklin, Fulgurex, Hermann, Metrop and Rivarossi. This large collection, unique in it’s type, fascinates a competent and international public.

Opening hours and ticket prices

The Baumgartner Gallery is open continuously from 09.30 to 17.30 every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays.


19 March 2021

05 Avril 2021

1. May 2021

13 May 2021

24 May 2021

03 June 2021

29 June 2021

1. August 2021

15 August 2021

1. November 2021

8. December 2021

On closing days, with reservation, the Galleria Baumgartner is opening for groups (at least 15 people)



Entry prices

Adults CHF 12.-    
Pensioners CHF 10.-    
Children (6 to 16 years) CHF 6.-    
Families (2 adults with children) CHF 30.-    
Groups (minimum 20 persons) CHF 9.-   per person
Guided visits (90 minutes) CHF 100.-    

Free Entry

Free entry for members of Raiffeisen, including 3 children, with Maestro Card, V PAY card, Mastercard or Raiffeisen Visa Card

Free entry also for Raiffeisen Youth Card Maestro or V PAY

Free entry for Swiss Museum passport holders and Swiss Travel System


    History of the Railway

    Toy trains from all different periods, unique examples, some very curious, models built with love and attention to detail and faithful to the original, all invite us on a train journey of discovery of the history of the Swiss and international railways.



    Almost everything a model railway enthusiast desires can be purchased in the shop. For example, models from various producers, accessories, toys, books, magazines and DVDs. A professional consultancy is provided.


    Refreshments are available at the cafeteria. Small birthday parties can also be arranged.

    Shares, bonds, stamps

    In addition to the model railway trains exhibited, the Baumgartner Gallery also has a wide selection of value cards, shares and bonds of railway and oil company societies from earlier times. These provide a graphic and significant insight into an economic world now passed. Stamps and illustrated postcards from previous times are also on view.


    German army tanks, armoured vehicles and weaponry, reproduced in minimum detail, remind us of the dramatic military campaigns carried out during the 2nd world war.

    Sailing Ships

    In addition to trains, ships from the first ever galley ships, to sailing ships and to steamers also relate the history of merchant traffic, transport and people.

    War Ships

    War ships, speed boats, torpedo boat destroyers and aircraft carriers not only document military events but also illustrate, in a very precise way, the history of technical progress.

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