The world
of model trains!

The Baumgartner Gallery:
A success story

For over 20 years the Baumgartner Gallery has been a point of reference for collectors of model trains and for families. An exhibition, that being unique in its field, excites collectors and wows visitors no matter what the age.

The thousands of models on show have been produced by the sector’s leading manufacturers: Märklin, Lemaco, Fulgurex, Trix, LGB, Hermann, Metrop, Rivarossi, Bemo and others faithfully reproducing the originals.

Here at the Baumgartner Gallery, you can experience the timeless fascination of steam, diesel and electric trains. 

Are you ready to go on a journey?

A fairy tale world awaits you travelling on the tracks of models that reproduce landscapes, bridges, villages and tunnels in various scales. 

You can also encounter dioramas depicting real stations or railway routes.

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Not to be missed

For the family

Gloria and Bruno are the Baumgartner Gallery’s two mascots.

The Postal Museum

The latest edition to the Baumgartner Gallery’s collection is the Swiss Postal Museum.

Railway modelling

Discover unique examples not found anywhere else.