For the family

Our mascots Gloria and Bruno will accompany you in the discovery of this fascinating miniature world.

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Gloria and Bruno

Gloria is a little elephant waiting to guide you on a journey through the history of railway modelling. Her cute elephantine features are a nod to the history of Swiss Federal Railways: “Elephant” was in fact the nickname of the most powerful steam locomotive used in Switzerland to pull heavy convoys along the ramps of the Gotthard Railway. 

Bruno on the other hand, is a smiley crocodile engine driver. “Crocodile” is the nickname of some of the types of locomotive that signalled the transition from steam to electric also on the Gotthard line throughout the 1900s.

Baumgartner Parete

In the rooms of the Gallery, families can discover the history and the evolution of transport and communications by observing the reproductions of trains, airplanes, ships and military vehicles, or be astonished at the forgotten objects of the postal and telegraph service. Our young visitors can have fun driving “Märklin My World” battery-powered model trains on the special circuits at their disposal.