Journey inside the Rothenburg model

Mar 1, 2024
IMG 7098

The video made by the Amici Ferromodellisti Chiasso to preview the new model we are completing.

At the Galleria Baumgartner in Mendrisio, work continues on the underground level to complete and supplement the reconstruction of Rothenburg station (canton of Lucerne) with another exhibit.

It is a large model railway, about 28 metres long, created by the 'Historischer Modellbahnhof Rothenburg' association.

Some representatives of the Amici Ferromodellisti Chiasso support us and thanks to one of them, Roger Peverelli, we can also offer you a video preview of what you will find by visiting us and 'peeking' at the work in progress.

We will keep you updated for the inauguration planned in the coming months.